Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Filing Day

At 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon I submitted nearly 5,000 petitions with family and many supporters by my side, to be the next Alderman of the 7th ward. Although we only needed 157 signatures, the sheer volume of signatures show that 7th ward residents are ready to see a change here. I believe this overwhelming support for my candidacy shows just how hungry for a new direction my friends and neighbors are. I believe it shows how tired residents are of being intimidated and disrespected by their leaders. I believe it is a sign of the deep desire in the 7th ward for better schools, good jobs, and safer streets. I want to thank my many friends and neighbors who continue support my candidacy. To the residents of the 7th ward, I say this; you deserve a change. With this election, together, let’s move in a new direction.


Unhappy American said...

Two questions:
Elvira Arellano. a felon, a fugitive from Justice making a fool of all America.
Why is she not in prison?

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez openly and Publicy Aids and Abets a known Felon-Fugitive from Jail. (Elvira Arellano)
Why isn't he in Jail?

Special Council Patrick Fitzgerald has done nothing. Why?

Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff has done nothing. Why?

How can America be a nation of laws, with a known felon sitting in a store front church in downtown Chicago.


Sandi Jackson said...

Thank you for your comment and concern. While I agree it is important to function as a nation of laws, I also believe that in regards to our current immigration system, we have a problem. Our current immigration system is broken and makes it extremely difficult for individuals to follow the law and still be treated with the same kinds of civil rights that every human being deserves. In the case of Elvira Arellano, the fact that her son is a United States citizen makes the situation even more complicated. As a mother, I recognize the importance of family. I do not advocate the splitting up of families. I believe that we need to fix our current system and create paths to citizenship that will allow for situations like these to be prevented in the future. Again, thank you for your comment and I look forward to continued discussion regarding this issue.


Mark Stevenson said...

Don't side step the issue Sandi. Please state what you think that needs to be done to resolve this issue. Is she right or wrong for her actions. I whish that when I Had a felony warrant, I could have hid in a church. I wanted to be with my mom too, especially because she only had a few days to live at the time.
Get some yard signs for our block (9100 S Oglesby) and I'll pass them out for you. 312-437-2230 Capt. Mark

carlos maxwell said...
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carlos maxwell said...

Mark Stevenson~

I believe that Sandi Jackson's views regarding a national debate is very important, especially when it’s being played out here in Chicago, and local political opinion is trusted upon the situation. Nevertheless, I feel that Sandi's response to the question at hand is fair and adequate. Although many view Elvira Arellano's protest through different lenses it’s important to remember that Ms Arellano's situation is a legal matter dealing with issues, which are much more complicated than citing ones own opinion. Conflict isn’t always a negative when due process of the law is involved and being analyzed carefully. This matter could reach the U.S. Supreme Court one day... who knows at this point?

However, I believe that the 7th ward has numerous issues here within in our own community in which to focus Sandi's attention during a highly contested campaign. “Personally speaking,” I'm more interested in knowing how someone such as Sandi, who’s experience is much broader administratively, organizationally, politically and fiscally, intend to adapt herself to local "Machine Politics," which is inherent of Chicago’s political culture? Also how Sandi intends to interface with the current political climate as a new comer and essentially someone who may be perceived as a political outsider?

These are humongous challenges to overcome, where name recognition alone will not defeat a litany of test, scrutiny and adversity. The political pushback that Sandi could encounter as a new Chicago alderman could potentially stagnate if not completely de-rail even the best of intentions.

Sandi if you don’t mind, please be so kind as to address my perspectives concerning the changes you’ll face, as you consider how you intend to make your vision of safer and cleaner streets, better schools, new commerce and development within the 7th ward become a reality. Also considering the fact that you would be a new member of local city government should you become the next 7th ward Alderman?

Respectfully, Carlos

Sandi Jackson said...


Thank you again for your question. I fully understand the obstacles that face us ahead in our quest to bring about change to the 7th ward. My opponents in this race have been working hard to paint me as an outsider. I am only an outsider to those who don't want transparency and open government. I am confident that I'll be able to bring fresh ideas to the city council. It's evident that the other elected officials who represent our ward feel the same. Our current Alderman doesn't have the support of our State Senators, State Representatives or U.S. Congressmen. Instead, State Senators Donne Trotter, Kwame Raoul, and James Meeks, State Representatives Barbara Flynn Currie, David Miller, Will David, and Robin Kelly, and U.S. Congressmen Jesse Jackson Jr. all support my campaign. Their support provides me with a unique opportunity to bring services and attention to our community. Furthermore, given the attention being paid to this campaign, our ward will be in the spot light. I am confident that this increased focus will prevent the city council from overlooking the needs of our ward.

We must begin looking at new avenues to move forward. I want to thank you again Carlos for your continued interest and support.

Stay in touch,

wcasey said...

Sandi, Girl...Congrat’s are in order.
I am not a resident of Chicago but I reside in the 2nd congressional district in the south suburban (Dixmoor, IL). (And if I had to live in Chicago for any reason, there’s no way in HELL I live there as long as Daley is the Mayor). When talks and rumors were circulating that your husband was going to "run" for mayor, I was one of the folks who was extremely trilled until I realized that, that move would risk the folks of Illinois losing a very intelligent, young African-American male who has the nerves and guts to stand-up against the Bush administration, and we would defiantly lose a person who is willing to protect "our" rights. So I had to pray to the heavenly father everyday that Jesse would stay in Washington. (I know this is selfish...but hye).
Anyway, as I was watching you last week at the House of Hope, a person can tell if a individual has the compassion for a cause by the way they articulate a vision. And that is what I saw. A person who has the COURAGE to stand-up for the weak, COMMITMENT for the hopeless, and CONVICTON for the powerless. Therefore, I wish you a victorious win for those who seek change.
Now, here's my favor.
I am as well is running for office in the south suburbs for the school board and I have been advocating on the behalf of our children, mainly for quality education and equal funding - for poverty-stricken communities. As a single mother of two I have to find time to commitment myself for my kids education because I truly believe they deserve and have rights to dream big dreams so they can achieve what society require of them. As a member of the local PTA and assistant legislature within the district PTA, our faces at workshops, conference, and conventions are few. Therefore when issues and problems need to be addressed, our problem (equal funding) doesn’t make it to the round table and they have a slim chance on the steps in Washington. So could you please consider and encourage parents in Chicago to please be apart of an opportunity for the sake of their children's future. I know that there may be several parent organizations, but I opt for the Illinois PTA because after researching the history of the National PTA, I was amazed at the intensity of participation African-American woman played throughout history dating back to the mid 1800's. And the PTA is the oldest and largest volunteer group that advocate on the behalf of children. Beside, I feel that I owe my previous ancestors to continue to fight. Today our children are fighting a war of equality in the school system - and "modern-day" slavery within the prison system that is a $37 Billion dollar industry. And I would rather invest my tax-dollars for there education then housing and feeding them in prison. The investment is wiser, cheaper and will boost the economy.

Sandi Jackson said...


Thanks for the kind words. I certainly understand your concern and frustration of the public education opportunities available to our children. A cornerstone of my better schools initiative will be promoting increased parental involvement. When parents takes a vested interest in see their kids learn, children’s true potential is recognized. If there is a specific event that you’d like me to attend, email the campaign scheduler, Crystal Adkisson at

Thanks again for your support,

carlos maxwell said...

Dear Sandi

I would like to say for the record that I have high expectations for anyone considering themselves a leader. Especially nowadays when the voices of every day people are ignored and leaders think they are above reproach. I expect to see a measurable level of progress and results performed by a so called leader. I expect leaders who are our elected officials to be accountable, willing to advocate on behalf of the people and point the community in the right direction. This is why I’m disappointed in the poor leadership performance demonstrated by our previous seventh ward alderman William Beavers and also why I’m wary of his daughter who’s the recently appointed 7th ward alderman.

As a five year home owner within our ward, I am the youngest owner on my street and I have many wonderful neighbors who have owned their homes for 30 years. I appreciate and respect the fact that they have pioneered our community for a number of years. Many of my neighbors support the Beavers political family, but, for some odd reason I can’t get anyone to explain to me why??? No one can interpret to me Beaver’s vision, strategy or what he has accomplished in our community as a leader for almost a quarter of a century, except being voted into office primarily because few, if any, with your credibility has shown any genuine interest, partly because of Beaver’s perceived power I guess???.

Over a 22 year tenure all William Beavers has to offer the hard working residents of this community is an attempt to secure his daughter a decent paying job. Many people fail to recognize the lack of leadership and aldermanic prerogative he has inflected upon the vested members of this community and at their expense. There seems to be a false sense of security among many of Beaver’s followers and a great deal of forgiveness towards what I view as poor leadership skills on his part. Now I guess we are suppose to sit idly by while he flex his political mussel and hand over a poor community track record, as far as I’m concerned, to his progeny who intends to follow in his foot steps and continue his counter productive legacy. I say no thank you and it’s time for a major change around here!!!

Sandi, after meeting you personally, during the “meet and greet” last Sunday, I understand the rear window of opportunity this community has to forge positive change, and embrace a natural born leader such as yourself. My only agenda during this election is to support the right person to spearhead the major work our community desperately needs in order to restore its vitality. I believe that you are self-aware, self-regulating, motivated, and empathetic. You identify with our plight towards future stibility and growth. You have the social skills and emotional intelligence that will provide great leadership capability and capacity while representing our ward in city hall and across the country.

Many people say “if it ant broke, then don’t fix it” meaning they are happy with the way things are going and resistant to change. I believe that change is constant and when people don’t know how to embrace change, when change is needed, the same people will soon find themselves left behind. I believe that is exactly what has happen under Beaver’s leadership judging by our lack of resources and development, while comparable communities within the city and throughout the country has flourished. We deserve our fair share, we need a change and I say Sandi is the right type of leader to spearhead us into a positive change situation!

Respectfully, Carlos

Jordan said...

Thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air into the "room". It's amazing to me that many people in this Ward don't realize they have been bamboozled for the past 24 years. They are resistant to change but they don't know why and they can't explain what Beavers and his daughter have done for them. Maybe it's fear! Maybe it's intimidation. It's election time so now Darcel Beavers is running around putting on a "I'm so concerned about my ward" show. You better believe William Beavers is flexing a lot of muscle to keep his daugher in that seat. Beavers wants to continue to run the ward through his daughter. They've sure enough helped a select few of their friends. She helped her boyfriend get promoted on the Fire Department. You best believe he will be running around picking up all the old people around here and taking them to vote for her. It must be nice. The rich get richer and the residents of the 7th Ward just get by.

Sandi Jackson said...

Thank you for your comments Jordan,

I also find it disappointing that our neighborhood has been lulled into thinking that this is as good as it gets. For too long the everyday residents of our Ward have been overlook by the city council. We’ve heard numerous stories of our supporters of my campaign being intimidated. This is just one of the reasons that this race is so important. Beyond fighting for better schools, safer streets and improved jobs, this is a campaign to end the type of politics that our ward has become all to accustom to. If elected, our Ward will see the end of Aldermen who view their constituencies with contempt. I look forward to the day when I can help my neighbors overcome their problems. I look forward to a community that sees there Alderman as a resource, as an ally, and not an adversary. I’m thrilled to have your support Jordan and hope that you’ll stop by the office and introduce yourself soon.

Thanks again and take care,

carlos maxwell said...

Hey Sandi,

I would like to see a debate addressing the scores of issues within the ward soon. Is an up coming debate on the agenda where you and Darcel Beavers meet face to face?

I feel that it's very important to provide the residents of the 7th ward with a real-time presentation, between the candidates squaring off on the critical issues at hand and defending your own aldermanic, political and leadership perspectives? It would be very positive to allow time for Q&A, in the presents of voters and your constituencies.

Time is running out, many are still undecided and therefore un-tapped. Many voters still need to become motivated, step off the fence, come out of their comfort zone and identify with what you are really all about… There should be no question of the popular vote once all ballets are finally counted. I'm counting on you Sandi!!!

Respectfully, Carlos

Sandi Jackson said...


I completely agree that it's vitally important for the voters to hear the difference between Darcel Beavers and myself. I've maintained the stance that I'm willing to debate Darcel at anytime on any or all the issues affecting our ward. Unfortunately, our invitation has not been accepted. Instead, I'll continue to take my message directly to the voters.
It's a shame when our elected officials don't even feel the need to talk with their constituents. Change is coming...

Esther said...

Hi Sandi

I know you can't be everywhere, but I've not seen nor heard of you being in the Ward. I live right around the corner from the ward office, in Darcell's building actually, and I've been looking for evidence of your presence in our Ward.

Sandi Jackson said...


I'm sorry that we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. My campaign office is on the corner of 75th and Exchange. I'm there everyday. In addittion, I frequently visit the Metra stops in the morning to talk with my neighbors on their way to work. Please drop by the office soon and introduce yourself. I'd love to hear your concerns and suggestions for the ward.

Take care,

Jordan said...

When is your next fundraising event? I would love to participate.

Sandi Jackson said...

Hey Jordan,

Sorry for the delay. I've been so busy walking the ward, and attending community events that I've had no time to blog! You know how it gets...

For info on next fundraiser and how you can help, give the campaign office a call at, 773 375 3871 and ask for Coety Wyse.

Thank you so much for your support and willingness to lend us a hand! We sure can use the help.

Talk to you soon,

Jim T. said...

Hi Sandi,

I am interested in knowing more about your vision of new commerce and development within the 7th ward.

In addition to the US steel mill property, what is your vision for all of the other vacant lots scattered around the ward?

Specifically, can you please include your thoughts on developers using these vacant lots for new houses, condos and retail?

Thank you,
Jim T.

Sandi Jackson said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the question and sorry for the delay in my response. These hectic last two weeks of the campaign have left me little time to respond to my blog friends!

As for inquiry into my vision for economic development, I believe that our community offers a profound opportunity for growth and expansion. However, I’m conscious that this growth must be measured so that the spirit of the 7th Ward is left in tact and that longtime residents always have a home here. I’m interested in working with groups like the Chicago Rehab Network who have suggested that “we ensure the application of mixed income developments that consider neighborhood context and prioritize the needs of the local place-based housing market.” While I want to see the 7th Ward grow, I will fight to make sure that no one who wants to live here is priced or forced out.

Currently, the vacant lots that plague the 7th Ward are a liability that endangers the safety of our community. However, we should begin to view these lots as opportunities for businesses that want to tap into this vastly under-utilized market. As we begin to look for developers for these lots, we must work hand-in-hand with the Chicago Police Department as well as CAPs to ensure that these businesses feel that our community is a safe place to conduct business.

Right now, many 7th Ward residents are forced to leave the community, often taking multiple buses, just to get to work. And then when they’ve finally earned some money, they’re forced to leave the ward to spend it! By reviving these lots, and offering skills trainings to ensure our neighbors have the tools needed to capitalize on these new jobs, we can begin a cycle of revitalization that will not only allow residents to prosper, but allow us to keep our money in the community.

We have to give people a viable opportunity to earn money. We all know that when no feasible avenues to earn money are presented, illegal behavior becomes the likely avenue. I believe that ceasing the opportunity presented by the vacant lots can be a monumental step in helping the 7th Ward shine as the jewel we all know that it can be.

Thanks again for your question Jim and please keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! and THANK YOU!!! I sent 2 notes to you.I was trying to help if I could. I'm very happy that ultimately you didn't need my help. This is Jordan. I will stop in and formally introduce myself.

mjl said...

Hey Alderman Sandi,
Girl I like the way that sounds. I know it is a little but I want to know how proud I am of what you have done and will do. have a wonderful Holiday!

your classmate,

Myron J. Lewis