Saturday, December 16, 2006

Halloween Open House

Looking back on the Halloween open house, i was once again reminded that the children of the 7th ward who don't get a chance to trick-or-treat door to door. Our streets just aren't safe enough. Things that other children may take for granted are not a reality for many children in our neighborhood. As parents, we hope to keep our kids safe, and give them a better life than we had. This Halloween showed me that we must keep our promises to our kids and keep them

Also at the Halloween open house i talked to lovely woman who has lived in the 7th ward her whole life. She told me that thirty years ago she walked to the store everyday by herself. Today, she insists on being accompanied by her husband because she doesn't feel safe. I look forward to working with the community to return this ward to a place where each one of us, especially our children and seniors, can live without being afraid to walk our own streets.
It was great to see so many of my neighbors, and i loved the costumes!
Thanks to everyone who came out.
~Sandi Jackson


carlos maxwell said...

Dear Sandi,

I am a 15 year resident of South Shore and five year home owner in the 7th ward along with my wife Antionette of 13 years and our daughter Kennedy.

We are an upward mobile family who's egar to see positive change, organizational leadership and greater social responsibiliy within our community. However, it is incumbent upon the voters to select the right leader during this coming year's aldermanic election.

We are also excited that the seventh ward finally has a person such as yourself willing to represent the ward in city hall. Nevertheless as I contemplate where to pledage my support over the next term, I would like your feed back concerning the following questions:

1. is it true that you reside in Washington D.C. and do you intend to be a full time SouthShore resident if you become alderman?

2. If elected, what is your first order of business pertaining to the seventh ward?

3. What growth and development would you like to see manifested in order to increase property values and stibility within our community?

4. Are you apose to working in conjunction with the fifth ward alderman in order to unify both South Shore and Hyde Park communities?

5. What is your overall agenda and what can I do to provide you with some assistance?

Respecrfully, Carlos E. Maxwell

Kris said...

Dear Mrs Jackson,

I am a 15 year resident of South Shore along with my family. I am amazed with the lack of progress in our ward.

We are happy to see some promising talent come along to our ward. I had a few questions concerning your plans for the 7th ward.

1. What are your plans for all of the stores that sell alcohol in the area? I live near 75th street and on every corner between exchange and yates, there are stores that sell alcohol. These stores are the site of illegal activity and loitering.

2. What do you plan to do with the "slum" land lords who basically lease apartments, collect rent and let their properties fall into disrepair, while they go home to their nice neighborhoods. THis area can not change unless the home owners and property owners are held accountable for their role in the community.

3. What type of commerce are you planning on bringing to the area? all around the 7th ward you see massive developments, shopping malls, starbucks etc.. but yet the only thing we have are "liquor" stores, dollar stores and cell phone shops. I would love to be able to shop with in my community without having to drive long distances just to buy decent food or clothing.

Last but not least, what is your plan for the schools in our ward? we pay property taxes, but have to send our children to private schools because the public schools are in such bad shape. as an educator, i am appalled at the state of the schools in our ward.

Do you plan on providing us with more of a police presence? I am sure we will hear your stance in the near future. I would like to say that i am very eager for your campaing to start and would like to help get rid of the old system in any way possible.

Mark Stevenson said...

What do you plan to do to help ex-offenders in your ward? Currently the only opportunities that we have to work for the city is watering plants in the summer. I represent several hundred ex-offenders in our ward who woluld like to work for you. How will you work for us?

Sandi Jackson said...

Dear Carlos,

I am very happy to hear from you! Thanks so much for visiting my website. I want you to know I share your concerns about the ward. Specifically about growth and developement and working with our neighboring wards to the south and west of us. But let me begin with your first question.

Yes, I do reside part-time in Washington, D.C. As the wife of a Congressman, we are required to have residency in our home district but to also reside part time in Washington. Jesse and I bought our South Shore home in 1992. We lived full time in Chicago until just after Jesse's election to Congress. Before my children were born, I traveled weekly with Jesse to and from Chicago. I felt it was important to keep our family together. Following the birth of Jessica, I stayed in Chicago full time with her until she was three. We decided to move her to DC because of the late hours Congress transitioned to. Our son Tre is only three and is not in school yet, but he much prefers his home in Chicago. We've tried to do what most families who have two working parents do in balancing their family priorities. I must say, it has not been easy, but we've done what we thought was best for our family.

Today, I live four days a week in Chicago, and three days a week in DC. My children are in Chicago for every holiday and the entire summer.

If I am elected it is my intention to reside full time in Chicago and to give the ward and it's residents my full attention. I strongly believe this ward and its residents have been negleted for far too long. I intend to give them the respect and attention they deserve.

With respect to your second question, I'd like to begin with a town hall meeting where residents can share their concerns, hopes, and ideas for the ward. As I've talked with my neighbors and others within the ward, I've discovered there is a diverse body of intellectuals living right here in our community whose ideas are stimulating, new and refreshing. What better time to tap into that energy than now!

In terms of growth and development, well I consider the ward to be a diamond in the rough. When I announced my intention to enter the race, countless numbers of business owners, restaurant owners and urban planning professionals have approached me to talk about endless possibilities. I believe with new leadership, the sky is the limit! Also the northern end of the USX property from 79th and South Shore drive to roughly 93rd street is one of the greatest development opportuniies in the country. A total of 576 acres of lake front property with 376 acres in the 7th ward alone. Congressman Jackson has been working with USX on development opportunities for 11 years and we are close to some major announcements. He has also replaced the metra stations from 71st and Stoney to 93rd and Exchange Corridor. One of my goals would include extending that line onto the USX site for residential development and access.

On working with other alderman, well I look forward to it. I consider Leslie Hairston a friend and would hard to see to ensure the South Shore and Hyde Park communities are thriving, safe and economically viable. In a real sense wards and ward boundaries are really invisible. Its people that make up a ward and whatever effects one community directly has consequences and implications for other communities indirectly. If we work together and grow the seventh ward we can grow the southside.

Why don't you come into the office and visit for a while and lets talk about ways we can work together toward achieving the goal of change for our community!

I'm glad you reached out!


MARKETEX1 said...

Hello Sandi,

I congratulate you on your decision to run for Alderman of the seventh ward and give a valid choice of options to those who have never had any other candidate for which to vote other than those from the incumbent alderman's family.

I would also caution you, as a person who once served the security needs of your father-in-law back in the sixties, that there are those who would pretend to be on your side whose 'mission' is more in the line of 'attack dog', acting in the interests of those that I know you do not, and would not, serve.

Say hello to your husband and your father-in-law for me.

Maurice B. Thomas

Sandi Jackson said...

Thanks for your questions, Kris.

My office is located at 2626 East 75th street right on the corner of 75th and exchange. I have witnessed and experienced the activity on this corner first hand. Alderman Beavers has done nothing about it in 22 years and I believe its time for a change. We need expanded police patrols of the area. We need police officers on foot engaging the community in neighborhood hotspots. Drug dealing on 75th and exchange persists even in defiance of the 24 hour video device that flashes only a block away. I am also concerned about the proliferation of liquor licenses in the ward. I am very interested in the success the ninth ward had in reducing the number of liquor stores within the ward. This was accomplished by community referendums that literally shut down such establishments. We need an alderman who would lead such referendums instead of opposing them. We need an Alderman who will stop calling these establishments “economic development.” These stores in many cases represent un-development not economic development. It’s time for a change.

Secondly, on the question of “slum” lords, as alderman I will crack down on the number of “slum” landlords and seek to reduce the number of section 8 vouchers in our area. While I recognize the need for decent, safe, and affordable housing for all Americans, the over saturation in certain communities and wards creates the exact same problem that the City of Chicago tried to avoid by tearing down the Cabrini Green and Robert Taylor homes. Every ward should welcome a fair and even distribution of low income residents and most importantly provide an avenue and a chance for them to get to work. My husband often says there are --in some communities “60 people for every one job on the Southside of Chicago and the south suburbs, while there are nearly 3 jobs for every one person on the north side and in the northwest suburbs.” I’m sick and tired of seeing 7th Ward residents forced take three buses just to get to work. We need an alderman who will fight to bring these jobs home and not sit idly-by as employment opportunities evade our ward.

Thirdly, soon I will send you via snail mail “Sandi’s Economic Development Plan” for the seventh ward.

Lastly on the question of education, I believe that every child should have an education of equally high quality. And yes, Kris. You are right. The public schools in our area have some profound problems and many of us have taken our children out of the public system and have placed them in private schools. After 22 years, Alderman Beavers and Darcel are responsible for the deterioration of our schools that has occurred on their watch. We have to turn this around. It’s time for a change.
Which leads me to my second point; every parent has an obligation to do the best they can for their children, regardless of the circumstances created and perpetuated by the Alderman. Unfortunately Alderman Beavers brags about how powerful he is and how he has been the Alderman for 22 years. Why is it then that many of the newest schools in Chicago are not in the seventh ward? As budget chairman, why hasn’t he moved the budget in our direction? Why hasn’t his “power” translated into improved facilities for our children, adequate school supplies, top notch teachers or safer schools? Has anyone ever heard Beavers deliver a major public address on education? And sadly, during this two decades of failed leadership, Darcel Beavers was right there at the helm. Our children’s’ education is too important to overlook for one more day. The time has come for a new direction!

Thanks you’re your questions, Kris. Please don’t hesitate to stop by the office at 2626 E. 75th and chat with me sometime.


Sandi Jackson said...

I believe in a redemptive community. Those who have served their time and been rehabilitated deserve a chance to reenter the workforce in a meaningful way. My father in-law has worked closely was Xpunged ( to help accomplish just that. As alderman I’ll fight to create employment opportunities for all 7th ward residents.

Thanks for your question Mark

~Sandi Jackson

johnccurrin said...


Interesting that the sins of the father, Bill Beavers, are being cast upon the daughter, Darcell.

Is that fair ? To take a quote from the father and then assign that to Darcell as a means of saying she is not qualified for office would be no more appropriate that putting the well documented sin of the father-in-law on to Sandi.

Neither would be fair nor have a place in a campaign that should be based on issues.

Sandi Jackson said...


I appreciate your question, and greatly respect your concern. We feel that since Darcel was chief of staff for Alderman Beavers during the past twelve years, the record accumulated over this period is representative of what we can expect from Darcel should she be elected. I believe that we deserve accountability from our "elected" officials. Therefore, I see Darcel's tenure with Alderman Beavers as relevant.

George Bush doesn't make a decision without consulting his chief of staff, Karl Rove. Therefore we see Karl Rove as a partially responsible for the Bush Agenda. Similarly, Alderman Beavers doesn't make a move without consulting his chief of staff, Darcel Beavers. This makes her accountable for the record during this tenure.

I hope this provides clarification and thanks again for the question.

mgreen said...

I, hope changes are coming this community; I have lived in South Shore for over 6 years. It sickens me that I have to drive north to dine at a nice restaurant. It is a shame we do not have quality stores for shopping. I want to be able shop and dine in my ward. Beavers has not done anything, you have my vote Sandi. I know change will not happen over night, I like your vision. Good luck.

Maurice Green

carlos maxwell said...

Dear Sandi

I appreciate your response to my open ended questions.

I understand why you split up your time between Chicago and Washington. I respect the fact that you value your family and want to maintain strong ties with Chicago. I also realize that being a wife, mother and balancing your own ambition requires a great deal of flexibility on your part. However, it's very important that others clearly identify with your reasoning concerning this issue, as your opponents attempt to use your dual residence against you in the media. Considering today's technology we have a variety of communication channels we can utilize, and keep our leaders well informed concerning important issues, regardless of anyone’s physical location. Nevertheless, I am please to know that you intend to "reside full time in Chicago and to give the ward and its residents your full attention" should you become the next 7th ward alderman.

As I see it... South Shore communities, primarily the 7th ward, have always seemed to be pulling in two opposite directions simultaneously. On one hand there is a great deal of stability due to many long time residents and working class families. However, the drug and crime elements are equally committed except to destroying what stability there is. This conflict has gone on far too long and lately it appears that the drug dealers and common criminals are winning the battle! We need the type of leadership that can pull the community together and point us all toward the same goals. Considering all of the culture, diversity and prime locations we have within our own back yard, it would be very unfortunate if we allowed drugs and crime to take over. We need to leave our children a legacy and a community in which they will have the necessary resources and stability that will allow them to flourish and raise their families in an more than adequate enviorment.

The fact that our ward hasn't been united in 22 years, we are lacking good schools and crime is taking over, I believe it’s a direct reflection of poor leadership or lack thereof. We are long over due for a major change in our community!

That being said... my wife and I are looking forward to meeting you after you are confirmed on the 2007 election ballot. We hope to learn more about your vision, how you intend to execute a positive change strategy and implement a serious phase plan over the years to come should you become our next elected Alderman of the 7th ward!

Respectfully, Carlos

Sandi Jackson said...


I want to thank you again for your continued dedication to improving our ward. It is residents like you that will help be the catalyst for our new direction. Much like you, I believe we're long overdue for change here in the 7th.

I'm aware that my opponents will attempt to use my dual residency against me in this election. I plan to counter that by staying laser-beam focused on the issues affecting our community, those being better jobs, safer streets, and improved education.

I look forward to meeting you and your wife in the near future.

Keep in touch!

dm said...

On Fox Thing in the Morning you said that IF you win, you will become a full time resident and bring your kids to school here in the ward.

So is it correct to understand that you are NOT a full time resident of the ward now AND that you will only become one if and only if you become alderman ?

It sounds like your love and hopes for the ward is conditional.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Sandi Jackson said...


Thanks for the question and allow me to clarify. If I win I will live here full time.

Prior to my entry into this race I spent three days of every week in DC and four days here in the 7th ward. My career has taken me all over the place. But the one constant during it all was keeping our house in the 7th ward. Regardless of where I was employed, the 7th ward has been my home for the past 14 years.

As for my love and support of the ward, they always have been, and always will be, unconditional. Even when I'm not living here everyday of the week, I support my Church, the schools, and my neighbors in this ward.

It is that unconditional love that has driven my decision to run for Alderman. For years I've taught other people how to run for office and the importance of activism. After hearing my friends and neighbors crying out for change, begging for a new direction, I decided I could no longer sit on the side lines and had to get in the ring to fight for the community that I love.

Thanks for the question and I hope this provides clarification.


Kris said...

Dear Sandi
Thanks for the comments in regard to my previous post. I know you have a very long tedious battle ahead. For some reason unknown to me, Beavers has some die hard fans in this ward. It is hard to believe that anyone can support someone who has done so little. I had one more question, what do you plan to do with all the vacant lots? the city tears down the buildings (which we are happy for because they were known for illegal activity) but then the land just sits and becomes an attraction for more illegal activity. When I call the aldermans office, i am told nothing can be done because it is private property. How do you plan to work this out? there are vacant lots on my block that have abandoned cars (that have been parked there for several months) and there are open drug markets on these lots, but nothing is done about it.

Also, how do you plan to reach those who are not into technology? The problem with the aldermanic race in this area is that most people do not realize what the "better" alternative is because the message does not get out. Do you plan to reach out to the churches? To the elder neighbors? How do i get a sign to post in my window?
Change is coming, i hope soon.. but i am cognizant of the fact that change is slow. I look forward to reading your future posts and my husband and i would like to come by and introduce ourseleves to you.

Sandi Jackson said...

Hi Kris! Good to hear from you again and thanks for the question.

Part of the reason vacant lots remain vacant is because there is little demand for that property. In order for new businesses to want to come into the 7th ward, we must first clean up our streets so that businesses view our community as a desirable place of operation. To do that I will fight to increase police patrols, not just with blue lights, but with increased physical presence. By making our streets safer, businesses will begin to see our neighborhood for the jewel that it really is.

As for your second question: technology is just one of the many ways that I've been reaching out to our neighbors here in the 7th ward. As you may have heard, two weeks ago my family gave out 1,200 turkeys. We viewed this simply as a way of thanking the ward for all that it has given to my family. Shortly, 7th ward residents will begin receiving direct mailers highlighting my vision for the future of our ward on an array of issues. Furthermore, I'll be speaking directly to senior homes and churches directly all throughout this campaign. Tomorrow, Sunday, December 31th I'll be speaking at Salem Baptist church. I'd love it if you and your husband came by and introduced yourselves. Beyond that, I'm always around. I drive this ward on a daily basis. I frequently sit and talk with residents at the Metra stops before they head out to work.

While my campaign will utilize a number of methods to reach out to 7th ward residents, I believe my greatest tools for outreach are the tools God gave me and those are my eyes and ears. Talking with residents, one on one, hearing their concerns, sharing my vision, discussing our future, these are the best ways to connect and let people know that there is an alternative to the status quo.

Lastly, I'd thrilled that you're willing to host a campaign sign in your house. Thank you. To get one, stop by our campaign office anytime. We're located on the corner of 75th and Exchange right next to L&G's.

I too believe change is coming for the 7th ward. Thanks again for your questions Kris and please keep in touch.

Happy New Year

Mark Stevenson said...

I have a van that I would be happy to donate to your campain if it is needed.

Kris said...

Hi Sandi,

Over the past few days I have been thinking a lot about this upcoming election for the 7th ward. I am pessimistic by nature, full of worry, one of my character flaws. I guess my concern is that although you live in the 7th ward, you are kind of removed from the everyday reality that occurs between south shore drive and Yates... 71st to 79th street. And unfortunately, I live the reality everyday. The residents on south shore drive and those that are paying 400K or more for their lake front property are not dealing with (nor are they willing to deal with) the issues of the community. How are you going to effectively represent the community at large? This area is so diverse, we have people of all incomes, education levels and ethnicities living here, and I can only imagine that it will be difficult to represent everyone’s interests and desires.

I was reading your original bog, and this was really what made me think. How are you planning to make the streets safer so that our kids can go trick or treating or to the park or just to the store?? My 12-year son was at a friend’s house recently, and his mother allowed them to go to rainbow beach unsupervised. While playing basketball they were jumped by over 6 boys. My son came home with a black eye and a torn hoodie. It was hard for me to believe that this happened at 2 in the afternoon, and to a kid who basically goes nowhere without me driving him and picking him up. I know we are fortunate that his injuries were minor, but this is the kind of safety concerns that I have. I never thought my kids would grow up in an area where they cannot even enjoy the free resources the park districts have to offer. It frustrates me that in order to feel safe and have them in a clean play environment (and one not littered with used needles and condoms) I have to drive to Hyde Park or other areas. The 7th ward is a vast waste of resources, and you have some very large shoes to fill. When you said you would try to have more of a police presence how do you plan to do that? The police boxes are worthless. We have one on the end of 75th and Colfax, yet drug dealing and loitering happens in plain view. Are we going to have a presence similar to Hyde park (where you see 2 cars every few blocks)? Safety is a main priority for me, I cant even let my daughter walk alone to the metra station because I fear for her safety, and I definitely cant let them play in the area... My husband and I are trying not to abandon the area, but it is hard when you want your children to have a better life than what they have access too.

I guess I am tired of seeing and hearing politicians who say the right things, but fail to deliver. As I sit here listening to the latest fight on the block and the drug dealers making their warning noises, I can only hope and pray that change will bring some peace and quiet, police presence and safety, clean parks and streets and an alder “woman" who is really ready to make a change for ALL, not a select few. Thanks again for reading and responding to my posts. I have not had a chance to pick up my poster, kids are back in school and I am back to being the chauffer. I will try to get it when I return to work. Thanks again.
Your ally and supporter

Sandi Jackson said...


I am truly heartbroken to hear of your son's incident, but thankful that
he is ok. It's tragic that our children in the 7th ward miss out on
aspects of their youth because of the unacceptable safety conditions. I
don't for a moment believe that my candidacy will be the magic bullet to
cure all that is wrong with our ward. However, the gap between where we
are and where we should be is massive. In your post you mentioned the
ineffectiveness of the lighting system to stem illegal activity. A couple
weeks ago on Fox's Sunday morning show I was asked if I believe that we
have sufficient policing in our ward. My answer was a resounding "NO!"
The same question was then asked to Darcel who said that we're doing all
we can and praised the new lighting system. The level of policing is
directly determined by the alderman. One of my first agenda items if
elected to drastically pump up the level of police patrols throughout the
ward. This certainly won't halt illegal activity in the ward, but is an
example of the basic leadership that this ward has been without for far
too long.

This Sunday, January 7th, I'll be having a meet and greet at the Exchange
Cafe (72nd St. and Exchange) from 2P.M. - 5 P.M. I'd like to personally
invite you to stop by and we'll discuss this and anything else that you'd
like in more detail. If you can't make it Sunday, I hope that you have
time soon to stop by the office and introduce yourself.

Thank you again for your continued support and concern, Kris.

Take care,

Kris said...

Dear Sandi,
I am sorry i missed your invitation. My husband called me this morning from the train and told me he spoke with you (and mentioned i was your frequent blogger) and that you asked him why i did not attend the meet and greet. I would have loved to have been there. I will try to stop by, once things slow down some.

I am frustrated by the lack of response the Beaver's family has to the policing situation in our ward. I am often amazed at the lack of policing in our area. The blue boxes (as i call them) serves no real purpose, nor do they deter illegal activity. Your office is at the end of my block, so i know you are aware of everything i am experiencing. When we visited with Mr Beavers, he would just say there is not much his office can do, call the police... but they never come until 2 hours later. I know we would all like to feel safer in our streets.

There is no magic cure to what ails our community. You alone can not do it, your efforts have to work hand in hand with community leaders and residents. The major issue is we have so many transient residents who are here one day, and gone six months later. There are also so many large courtway buildings, and these buildings are where most of the "headaches" live. We need continuity and stability, but most importantly i think that you can effectively get the foundation started, especially because you are so well received and supported.
Thanks again for your post and kind words.. i look forward to meeting you.

PS... why dont you have posters in the area? we see Darcel Beavers signs on every corner and block.. do you plan on getting your name out there???

Sandi Jackson said...


Thanks for the kind words. I certainly understand your concern and frustration at the public education opportunities available to our children. A cornerstone of my better schools initiative will be promoting increased parental involvement. When parents take a vested interest in seeing their kids learn, the true potential of children are recognized. If there is a specific event that you’d like me to attend, email the campaign scheduler, Crystal Adkisson at

Thanks again for your support,

Joe said...

Much love and respect to you and your family. I'm Joe Wagner III, I just need to know where you stand on the closing of these clincs. One i'm really interested in is the woodlawn clinic because that's where i go, and many other 7th ward residence. Me and my doctor talk, and we need some body to take a stand and say, hey these people need these clinics, it's gotta be money some where, and the politicans are suppose to find it. Sandi Jackson I got no reason not to vote for you, but tell me what reason i do! Thanks for the turkey and the huge, see you at the polls
Joe N. WagnerIII

Chuck said...

Dear Sandi,
On Tuesday, Feb 13th, the Saginaw neighbors will be meeting at the Windsor Park Lutheran Church at 76th & Saginaw.(7pm) Last meeting we invited Miss Beavers to attend and give us her views and ideas for the ward. I, for one, was not overly impressed. We would like to extend an invitation to you to speak at our February meeting. To be honest, there are not usually very many people at these meetings these days, a lot of our old timers have passed on. If you plan on speaking, we would certainly let our friends from the Colfax block club know, and of course you could post it on your site. I'm aware that this is the heart of Beaver's stronghold, but doesn't that make it an inviting place to strike?! It seems a lot of these people support Beavers for no reason other than they recognize the name! (not that yours is unfamiliar). I've been reading your blog and I like what you have to say, and I'd like my neighbors to get a chance to hear it. I left my contact info on your fundraiser page, please do not hesitate to contact me. We have got some ideas of what we want, and we'd like to share some of the things we do to make our block a nice place to come home to. We should expect a lot from our leaders, but we must also take responsibility for ourselves! I truly look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Chuck McMillan. Saginaw Neighbors

Sandi Jackson said...

Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your kind invite. I'd love the opportunity to take my message directly to you and your neighbors. To begin the process of setting up a speaking engagement, call my office at 773 375 3871 and ask for Ceandra.

Thanks again for the support and I look forward to meeting you soon,

Take care,

harmony said...

Hi Sandi: Wayne and I want to send you a donation for your campaign. How can we do so? Where should we send the check and to whom should it be addressed?

Sandi Jackson said...


Thank you so much for your support.
Your contributions can be mailed to:
Friends of Sandi Jackson
PO Box 490286
2626 E 75th Ave.
Chicago, IL 60649

And please make the check payable to:
Friends of Sandi Jackson

If you'd rather, you can donate to online using paypal by clicking on¤cy_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP-DonationsBF&charset=UTF-8

Thanks again and be sure to thank Wayne for me too!


Southeast Calumet Heights Homeowners Assn. said...

Mrs. Jackson, Greetings to our New Alderman. The Southeast Calumet Heights Homeowners Association would like to Thank You again for attending the forum in February.

We would like to extend to you an invitation to speak as the new alderman at our Community Meeting on May 24th. We have left a few messages on your answering service; however, to make sure we reach you in time to put you on our agenda, we thought we would try reaching you through your web page.

We are inviting the New Alderman of the 7th Wards, 8th, and 10th Wards. The meeting is on May 24, 2007 at the Chicago Vocational Career Academy on East 87th Street; doors open at 6:30.

Please call 773-768-1710 to confirm attendance.

We are looking forward to meeting and greeting you as the new alderman of the 7th Ward.

D. Lacy-Lane, Treasurer

Shermaine Meadows said...

Dear Sandi

I wanted to say Congratulations for all of your accomplishments and much love and support for all your future endeavors and goals. I appreciate what you represent and the issues you stand for. Without people like you there is no opportunity for hope. Continue to brighten the world with your energy and soul.

Anonymous said...

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