Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Filing Day

At 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon I submitted nearly 5,000 petitions with family and many supporters by my side, to be the next Alderman of the 7th ward. Although we only needed 157 signatures, the sheer volume of signatures show that 7th ward residents are ready to see a change here. I believe this overwhelming support for my candidacy shows just how hungry for a new direction my friends and neighbors are. I believe it shows how tired residents are of being intimidated and disrespected by their leaders. I believe it is a sign of the deep desire in the 7th ward for better schools, good jobs, and safer streets. I want to thank my many friends and neighbors who continue support my candidacy. To the residents of the 7th ward, I say this; you deserve a change. With this election, together, let’s move in a new direction.

Turkey Give-Away

Turkey Give-Away

Today, my family and I gave away over 1,000 turkeys from our home to yours. I want to thank everyone who stopped by our home for some holiday cheer and excitement, as well as our many volunteers. Today’s event was a heart warming and festive occasion that gave us an opportunity to directly impact the community in a positive way. To see residents of the 7th ward come out and support our effort was truly gratifying. For me, the event had the feel of a family reunion. Even for those who I was meeting for the first time, the warmth, and feeling of appreciation made it seem as though I’d known them forever. The excitement generated by the volunteers was truly awe inspiring. I felt empowered and emboldened by being able to positively impact the lives of residents.
Although we were pleased to give away 1,200 turkeys, I know we don’t have enough turkeys to fulfill the needs of the 7th ward. It brings me great sadness to hear of empty stomachs from my friends and neighbors in the 7th ward. Today, we gave turkeys that will feed families for a week or so. Tomorrow, I hope we begin the change this ward needs so that we do not have anymore hungry stomachs.

~Sandi Jackson

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Halloween Open House

Looking back on the Halloween open house, i was once again reminded that the children of the 7th ward who don't get a chance to trick-or-treat door to door. Our streets just aren't safe enough. Things that other children may take for granted are not a reality for many children in our neighborhood. As parents, we hope to keep our kids safe, and give them a better life than we had. This Halloween showed me that we must keep our promises to our kids and keep them

Also at the Halloween open house i talked to lovely woman who has lived in the 7th ward her whole life. She told me that thirty years ago she walked to the store everyday by herself. Today, she insists on being accompanied by her husband because she doesn't feel safe. I look forward to working with the community to return this ward to a place where each one of us, especially our children and seniors, can live without being afraid to walk our own streets.
It was great to see so many of my neighbors, and i loved the costumes!
Thanks to everyone who came out.
~Sandi Jackson